Importance of Instagram for an Organization
08 November 2012

Importance of Instagram for an Organization

Importance-of-Instagram-for-an-Organization When you want to use social media for promoting your company, Instagram is one of the best marketing app that you can use. This app is mainly used using mobile devices especially iPhones and Android phones.

Although Instagram is just one of the tools that were proven to be very useful for businesses, it is one of those that cannot be ignored. For one, it has more than 80 million users as of now and this number is expected to grow as it become more popular.

Instagram is important for businesses because it provides many benefits especially in the area of promotion. With it, your marketing strategy will improve and your brand will be easily known. This mobile app is really important for any organizations due to these reasons:

1. Post in an instant

With Instagram, there’s no need to wait until you get to the office to start promoting your business. You can simply use your mobile device. Take pictures of your products, upload, and add description or comment. Don’t forget to hashtag your keywords. All of these are done within seconds!

2. Everyone loves to take photos

Most business owners find it hard to create contents for promoting their business. For marketing purposes, it seems that they can’t come up with good words to say to attract more customers. But it is different with taking photos – everyone is always ready to capture anything with their lenses. Thus, promotion in social networks, using pictures, is easier.

3. It Makes Your Brand Look Interesting

Of course, the greatest thing about Instagram is that it let you to put your products or services on display. The nice images will make even the most uninteresting products and services look really cool.
Parade your products using Instagram and you will be able to enhance or give excellent personality to your brand.

4. Add location of your business

Instagram and Foursquare location database has joined together. With the incorporation of the two, you can Geotag the exact place where your photo was taken. You enhance your online presence by attaching the location/place of business to your brand.

When people are looking through the images based on location, they will eventually see your products and this is your chance to gain new customers. You can simply include your business in Foursquare database or Instagram if your location is not on the list yet.

5. It is easy to gain followers

As links are not allowed on Instagram, your followers will never feel that they are getting SPAM from your business account. On the other hand, if you want people to follow you, upload interesting photos of your products or services. By gaining followers, it would be simpler for you to develop brand recognition with huge fan base. And, as Instagram is easy to link with popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook, there’s no doubt that your business promotion will be a success.

In conclusion, Instagram is definitely the simplest and most enjoyable way of sharing and marketing your business. It is a remarkable tool that greatly helps in building your brand, creating online presence, and getting recognized. Set up your Instagram today and start building your business.

By Subhash Chandra

Subhash Chandra is a social media enthusiast having in depth understanding of generating website traffic and optimizing conversion rates. He is an active contributor at famous SEO & social media websites - Business Community, social media today,, examiner and yahoo voice . He shares his Digital Marketing experiences with novice search engine optimizers also on Google Plus.

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