Why You Should Consider Joomla CMS for Startup Businesses
Last Updated On June 23, 2022

Why You Should Consider Joomla CMS for Startup Businesses

Why You Should Consider Joomla CMS for Startup Businesses
By Team TIS

For availing budget friendly solutions as a startup firm, nothing can be more affordable than opting for Joomla Content Management System (CMS) framework that offers an inexpensive substitute to expensive web development and designing services. Joomla was designed with one important function in mind- content management and hence, it is a good choice for developing budget friendly websites for startup businesses. This framework works on template system, which help the users to easily place their content and the website envelops the content around it automatically.

At present, there are various CMS options available in the market, so what makes Joomla a preferred choice for creating affordable websites over others? It is an open source platform that supports many languages and allows the developers to develop search engine friendly websites with minimum efforts. Most of the web designing issues is taken away by choosing Joomla CMS because it comes loaded with various components and extensions required for creating and customizing impressive websites.

I have used Joomla framework for different projects and from my overall experience, I have prepared a list of some significant benefits of Joomla that makes it a perfect selection for developing budget friendly websites.

Benefits of Joomla:

1. Open Source Platform with Flexibility

Open source CMS are always preferred over the proprietary CMS because they give developers the flexibility of changing the source codes as per the requirements because the source codes are open for all types of modifications. Now, as a startup business, if you have the option of a CMS where the website’s customization is a simple and easy task, you don’t have to put much investment in its overall development. Moreover, Open source frameworks help in development of websites in a hierarchical manner without requiring code experience.

Also, it will help in saving time required in customizing the features of your website as the source codes are available for free where you can introduce changes according to the needs.

2. Enhanced Usability

This is another biggest advantage of using Joomla CMS for website development. The CMS of Joomla can be used for creating all type of websites starting from bigger simple, small websites to larger and complex ecommerce websites. This is because there are many options available with this CMS that help the developers to create the website including all important changes

Hence, being the owner of startup firm, choosing Joomla CMS will offer you with the advantage of increased usability. Besides, you can also develop government applications, online magazines, online communities, and organization websites with this CMS.

3. Ease of Accessibility

Joomla CMS is easy to use and there is no need of sound technical knowledge or experience for creating website using this framework. Even if you don’t have good experience of HTML coding, then also you can develop website using Joomla CMS that makes this platform stand apart from its other competitors. The ease of accessibility offered by Joomla CMS makes it a popular choice among the startup businesses because all they have to do for having their website live on the internet is to install the Joomla CMS and edit and manage the content on the website.

Even if you don’t have any good knowledge of website development, you only have to put minimum efforts for readying your website to go live on internet.

4. Community Driven

Joomla is a community driven Content Management System and members of its communities co-develop and help the developers in solving all types of technical queries related with the use of Joomla modules and extensions. This makes the websites built on Joomla more responsive for the users and their respective clients as well. Besides, new modules and extensions are created on regular basis along with their updates to keep the website developers tuned up with the latest modifications.

Most of these could be downloaded for free and the assistance for using these extensions is readily offered by the community members. So, you can easily judge now that if you decide to create an affordable website for your startup firm, then Joomla is a perfect selection.

5. Different Templates with Easy Extensibility

It comes with various templates and themes that you can choose for making stunning website for your startup. The themes and templates are frequently updated with loads of features that you can choose depending on your niche or topic. The selection of templates is also very easy in Joomla CMS as you don’t have to put many efforts for doing so.

Besides, you can easily give any identity or functionality to the Joomla CMS as it comes with loads of extensions to create versatile websites for different types of clients such as government, corporate, ecommerce, university website or a news portal as well. You can also develop entertainment and sports websites on this CMS.

6. Easy Transferring

If you want to transfer your Joomla website to any other developer, then you can do so without facing any technical glitch. Moreover, you can also transfer your Joomla website from one server to another with ease.

It clearly means that if you have created you website in Joomla CMS and you want to change it to other server due to some technical issues on the previous server, you can easily do so by simply migrating it from one server to another.

7. User Friendly Administration with Effective Customer Support

The administration of the Joomla CMS is easy for the site owners as it comes equipped with WYSIWIG editor and hence, only word processing skills are required. Apart from this, the customer support of Joomla community is highly effective as you can easily submit a bug or report to the community for getting your problem solved at the earliest.

Wrap Up Note

Now, you can easily see that Joomla CMS is quite powerful for creating blogs, ecommerce sites, and other important corporate sites. Moreover, you can easily manage and modify the features on your website depending on your niche. So, if you are looking for some experience with CMS systems, Joomla would be a good selection for you since, it comes with numerous plugins, templates, themes, modules, extensions and community support that makes it an ideal platform for developing different type of websites.

Do you have any other benefit of Joomla CMS in your mind that you want to share with us? If so, please write in the comment section below.

By Team TIS

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