How to Create a Successful Logo For Your Brand
30 September 2014

Logo Design Principles – How to Create a Successful Logo For Your Brand?


Designing a good logo is one of the most vital things you can do for your business, especially when you are founding a new company. Your logo should be capable of conveying the intended message to your visitors without any additional context or explanation. Understanding the act between viewing and perception is a critical process, and a logo does it for you. Your logo is the first step towards setting up your brand identity among your competitors and customers. Therefore, it must have the ability to stand out as a unique identity in the slew of other well established brands. If you want to start making your own logo, visit

Sticking with your business goals is the first thing to consider while designing logo for your company because strong logos translate well through diverse mediums. However, before moving towards the principles and practices of logo design, it is important to know the primary goal of a logo.

A logo represents a symbol or a graphical design that conveys your business goals to the customers, which means logo helps in branding and identification of any business by setting up its unique existence in this cutthroat marketplace”. In short words, a logo is the first thing or you can say the instant core message that any brand offers to the world.

What Makes a Good Logo?

A good logo must be appropriate, communicative, impressive, distinctive, and simple in form with the ability of conveying the company’s goals to the viewers. The logo must have a concept or meaning within it so that it can communicate the intended message successfully. Moreover, a logo will be considered good only if it can be easily printed in different sizes and it must be effective even without color as well.

The two most important things boiled down by a good logo include:

  • Great execution
  • Great concept

Here are some examples of effective and good logos of some reputed brand:


All these logos effectively represent the intended message and their simplicity and effectiveness makes them ranks among the most appreciated logo list.

Are You a Startup Firm? Know the Challenges

Searching for a professional logo designer is the most difficult challenges faced by any startup firm. Although, there are numerous logo designers available, whom you can choose for crafting an effective logo for your startup firm, but finding a good logo designer within budget is not so easy to accomplish. If you lack a good logo designer for your founding team, then your company might suffer for setting up its existence among the well established rivals. Hiring an experienced and talented logo designer with a constrained budget is a great challenge for you.

There some startup firms who are uninterested in how their visual existence affects their customers. However, if being a startup firm, you really want your business branding to go in an effective way; the best way is to hire a skilled logo design professional, who can create a clear and effective visual system for your business with exclusivity.


The benefits of hiring a professional logo designer are listed as follows:

  • A logo designed by a professional will worth for the time and money you have invested with the designer.
  • A professionally designed logo attracts immediate attention from the audiences
  • A logo designed with perfection and professionalism will help in improving your brand identity instantly among your well established competitors.

Understanding the Logo Design Process

Some of us might wonder as to why creating an effective logo design is so complex. They are just small symbols and they also look easy to create, then why to understand this process in detail, isn’t it? However, this interpretation is the result of our own thoughts, but creating a communicative logo especially for a startup firm is very difficult because logo takes creativity and thought into consideration, and then only these elements combine to create something extremely valued.

A successful logo design follows some simple steps to ensure the final design meets the requirements of the patrons. The steps included in this process are listed below:

Design Brief

Conduct a questionnaire on your audiences to conceptualize the design brief.


Conduct a thorough research on behalf of the company to know about its rivals and history. This will give you a view of how the logo design process should go in the flow. You can also research on the latest trends and styles of logo designing.


Take references from the logo designs of your competitors that have been successful since their creation. This will allow you to create a layout of your logo with a perfect blend of creativity and ideas.

Sketching and Conceptualizing

Develop the logo design concept revolving around your research as this is the single most important vital part of your logo design process. Be inspired and get creative because sketching is not a time consuming task, but it helps in putting your ideas in one place in your mind and also helps in evolving your imagination.


Taking proper breaks through the design process helps your ideas to mature and renews your enthusiasm an also allows you to solicit the feedbacks.


Always try to show the logo in context to your customer as it will allow them to clearly visualize your business’ brand identity. Being a logo designer, you must present your logo designs in the best way to your clients so that they can understand how effectively you have put your efforts for creating best logo designs for them.

Delivery and Support

Deliver the best logo designs to your patrons and provide support whenever required to get appreciable feedbacks from them.

5 Effective Principles of Successful Logo Design

You must know the 5 essential principles of successful logo design to make sure that your design meets the requirements of the patrons.

These 5 principles are listed as follows:

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate


Simplicity makes a logo design easily identifiable, memorable and versatile. Good logos always feature something unique or unexpected without being overdrawn. Simple logos are most effective in conveying needs of the patrons.

Here is an example of a simple and effective logo:


If you want the logo to be memorable, then it must have a sticky factor and it needs to be both simple and relevant to the audiences. Its design should be simple enough to convey the imagery, which reverberates with the target audiences.

McDonalds, the world’s famous burger restaurant has a simple and memorable logo, which marks the minds of the viewers in their first sight.



You always want your business to stand the test of time and hence, your brand needs to be timeless. A great logo will remain great for 10-20 years from now. Time consideration is must when you are choosing or designing a logo for your brand.

An example of a timeless logo is given as follows:


Since its inception, the coca cola cheers its logo and it stood unique amidst its competitors as the favorite soft drink of its customers. Decades have been passed, but this classic logo of coca cola needs no change or modification yet.


Will your logo adjust to different sizes without affecting its quality? Here comes the role of versatility that must be there in any successful logo. An effective logo must be compatible and adjustable to different mediums within different contexts.

The logo of WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is the best example of a versatile logo:



Understanding the needs of your target audience is vital in the logo design process and your logo must exhibit the effectiveness and the message that you want to convey to your customers. Knowing which font will be appropriate for your users along with the colors is important because you cannot use the same features for different companies.

Suppose you have chosen certain color and font for a toy company logo. Now, you can’t use the same font and color for designing logo of a car manufacturing company as both companies have different audience segments with different needs. Hence, it is important to consider appropriateness while designing a logo.

Final Note

If you are able to develop an effective logo by adhering to the principles and fundamentals discussed in this article, your logo will definitely perform an exceptional job of shaping your business now and for the imminent years as well.

By Sandeep Sharma

Sandeep Sharma is a Project Manager with a prominent web design & development company TIS India since last 10 years. He loves to create aesthetically appealing websites & eye-popping user interfaces for international clients. Follow him on here

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