07 February 2014

Powerful tips to Make Your Website More Click-Worthy!!

How To Make Your Website More Click-Worthy!!
The other day when I was sitting in a meeting with Digital Marketers and young entrepreneurs, there was a lot of discussion about how Brands and newer firms should proceed to make their websites Click-worthy. Most of the folks admitted that despite going through myriad of books and tutorials; knowing the regular ABCs of SEO, implementing the best of the optimization tactics; they are just not able to gain hefty traffic and magnetize enough visitors. Plus, the gap between clicks and conversions is widening day by day. As a business owner, I can understand the kind of trauma clients go through while taking a decision to spend hundreds of dollars on search engine optimization experts or digital marketing agencies. So, just after the meeting got over, I decided to shell out a couple of hours to write about how one should optimize their websites to make them click-worthy. In this article, I am going to take you through the top 3 secrets to make your website click-worthy. The article is long, so go grab a cup of coffee for yourself !!

First of all, I would like to briefly elaborate what I mean when I say Click Worthy. Click worthy simply means making your website good enough that whenever it competes with other websites on search engines, people should opt for you and not others. By good, I mean to optimize it from every lens so that your customers get indulged and engaged to an extent that prompts them to take actions as desired by you. Remember clicks are not the only thing which is important, it is the action that the clicker takes which is important.

SECRET 1 – Be Patient !! Don’t Just Cast Arrows in the Dark

I just hate those Digital Marketers who don’t deserve to be called marketers in real sense. Even for a birthday event, we plan a week before inviting our friends. Do you really think yourself lucky enough that without proceeding with a foolproof plan, you will be able to invite quality traffic and even if you did that, would those clicks get converted to conversions?? Hell yea!! You can’t just think in your wildest dreams putting yours or your client’s credibility at stake in this competitive market. Don’t rush blindly to meet deadlines as soon as you get a new idea or project!! Analyzing the purpose of your website is the first step to a make it click-worthy. Until and unless you do that, you won’t be able to justify your online presence to your visitors.

Make a list of the short time and long time goals you or your clients are looking to accomplish from the targeted audience and proceed only after carving out a unique plan that stands tall despite all odds.

The part of your plan should also focus on the wise designing of your website. Below I have jotted down some quick tips to keep in mind while designing your website.

  1. Never include any Flash galleries or animated menus because search engines are unable to crawl the text present on images and animated content, thus search engines won’t be able to find you. Plus these animations load too slow that they will end up frustrating potential visitors and you are likely to lose all your traffic to your competitors.
  2. Eliminate all the inline styles and bundle them into an external style sheet. Never use JavaScript in the middle of your HTML doc because scripts hinder the performance of the website if not placed wisely. Try to combine all the JavaScripts into a single file and place all your short length scripts either on the top (in the head section) or at the extreme bottom.
  3. If possible, use breadcrumbs for easy navigation. This would certainly increase your inbound traffic and if you really host a content that is of great value to the visitors, you will end up getting good amount of business from your website.
  4. Say “No” to annoying Pop-ups as they irritate visitors to an extent that they will never return to your website
  5. Make your website responsive because according to the latest recommendations put forth by Google, there should be one single website optimized for multi-sized screens.
  6. While making your website finger-friendly, remember to put a minimum limit of 44X44 pixels (normal finger size) on important design elements and “call to action” buttons like “Buy this”, “Get a quote” etc., that users may want to click. This is a part of enhancing User Experience, which is neglected by most of the designers.
  7. Prioritise your content. Try to keep all your important stuff “above the fold” i.e without scrolling users should be able to see everything which you think is important to you and your customers.

SECRET 2 – Make your SERP snippet click worthy

I have seen people who completely ignore best practices involved while writing meta titles and descriptions thinking it off as another outdated SEO strategy but trust me, those who really know what exactly these things mean, won’t dare to commit this blunder crime with their websites. Let me explain meta titles, descriptions , their importance and best practices through examples.

Example-1 – Let’s take an example of my own website. Just look at the image shared below. I have labelled everything so that you can understand the concept quickly.

When you search for anything on Google, you see a list of search engine results that have a heading called Title as shown above (in orange)and some kind of description written just below it (in blue), that describes what your business is about. And this is where people make a decision as to click your site or scroll further to click somebody’s else whose title and description matches to what exactly they have in their minds.

Now compare the above result with the one shared below. Read the title and meta description and I am pretty sure you won’t be able to get what this company is about. This is where a Good Meta Description comes into picture. Write a short and crisp title(max 65 characters) and a meaningful meta description(max 160 characters) that describes precisely about everything you do. This is the first critical step in making your site Click worthy for search engines. The reason why I suggested limited characters here is , everything beyond these no. of characters will be trimmed by search engines so there is no use of making big titles and descriptions. They can even have an adverse effect if you include a big title and the most important keyword will be trimmed by Google.

Focus on Meaningful Phrases and Keyword Relevancy
Now let’s talk about Keyword Relevancy. When you cite keywords for your website, don’t just focus on common keywords. Instead, do a research first, imagine yourself in place of your audience and then type what comes first to your mind in the search bar.

Let’s say you have a Ecommerce website that sells groceries and a consumer who lives at Saket, Delhi visits Google with the intent of buying tomatoes. What do you think he is gonna enter in his search query. “Tomato”??, “Buy Tomato”??

Well, if these keywords are all that is clicking to your mind right now. Go wash your face, you might be sleeping!! Obviously tomato is a kind of thing he would probably want in a couple of hours so most of the users will type “Buy Tomato Online in Delhi NCR” , or to be more specific “Buy Tomato Online in Saket” . Doesn’t these phrases seem more relevant to you??

SECRET 3 – Blow the trumpet of your web presence – Outreach with Confidence !!

Yes, there is nobody on earth who can make a SEO plan which will be 100% successful. You have to take a step further and outreach yourself to more and more people till your Brand becomes as famous as Coca Cola or Nike. The only key to build relationships with more and more people is to create high quality content, share it on biggest social media platforms and shoot Good Mailers . But wait !! Again you have to strategise before diving in, because your Brand’s credibility is at stake when you genuinely personalise with your customers and if you turn victorious in outreaching with confidence, you are likely to win half a battle, seriously !! Go through the tips below to blow the horn of your online presence.

  1. The first and foremost step is to create a “Happy-to-listen” relationship with our existing traffic by including a “Subscribe to Newsletter” column on the homepage of your website. This will let you create a genuine mailing list of the people who are likely to relish your content.
  2. Craft a Good looking mailer that sounds informational rather than a cheap promotional tactic. And yes, create a good subject headline too. The subject of the mail will only decide the fate of your mailer, whether people will opt to throw it in trash or keep it in their Inbox.
  3. Inject deadlines if you are making an offer or discount so that they rush to your site as early as possible. Like if you are an ecommerce site , you can include something like ‘Offer lasts till___” ,” 10% discount for the 1st 100 visitors” etc.
  4. Place your call to actions like “Hang on for Free Advice”, “Get a free quote”, “Sign up to get a Tee”, right on the top and don’t forget to include social sharing buttons on the top of your mailer to invite referral traffic.
  5. Don’t irritate your customers with Daily mails. Set a subtle frequency, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly and do keep an eagle’s eye on your bulk emailing campaign statistics as well so that you can tailor the tactics accordingly !!

I am quite confident if you keep all these secrets to the core of your heart while working, you will be on the verge of boosting your Click-Through-Rates. Do let me know in the comments, your experience, your tips , your takeaways and spread your love by hitting the share buttons!!

By Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari is a successful Business Marketing Strategist at supreme IT company - TISIndia.com. With 15+ years of expertise in Website Designing, Website Development, Online Branding and Reputation Management, he has emerged triumphant in helping small and large businesses climb the ladder of online success. A person with high spirits, he is always found active on Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin and Twitter in to share his passion with novices and to give a piece of advice to young entrepreneurs.

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