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9 Prominent Tips You Should Consider For Facebook Retargeting Ads

Posted by Himanshu Pataria

Facebook Retargeting Ads

In today’s era, where practically every business is online, just having an online presence is not enough. Studies have shown that roughly 96 percent of the visitors on your site are not even ready to buy a product.

This is where retargeting can help. It just ties up the loose ends of an online strategy and helps the customers move deeper into the sales funnel towards successful conversion. Facebook is a platform that is brimming with customers. It is that one spot where the whole world is logged in, at some point in time or another.
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Why Video Content Marketing is a Hit with Consumer Brands in 2018?

Posted by Subhash Chandra


The consumer brands vertical is betting big on video content marketing in the year 2018. Three of the biggest consumer brands in the world are leading the direction and news is that their video content marketing investments are gaining traction in the market. Let’s figure this out.

The Leonardo da Vinci of the smart phone industry, Apple has committed an investment of $1 billion for original video content marketing on its streaming platform. Second, PepsiCo has in November last year, opened a brand new video content creation studio in downtown Manhattan.

Third, Netflix, the video content streaming giant is reshaping the way video content is created, marketed and consumed in the ICE (information, communication and entertainment) space. Whether you are looking for a show on professional soccer, politics or the latest in fashion trends from New York’s greatest design labels, one platform has it all- Netflix.

Is there any data to back the claims that consumer brands are tilting heavily towards video content format in 2018? Is video content marketing a new buzz word or is it the next big thing in the content marketing and advertising functions of business? What are the drivers of live video content marketing? How do consumer brands stand to gain from spending hefty amounts on video marketing? TIS, the leading digital consulting company answers these questions and more here.
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Digital Marketing Companies in India Get a Big Push After Union Budget 2018

Posted by Amit Kothiyal


Digital marketing companies in India had waited for the Union Budget 2018 with baited breath. Given the trajectory of events, policy initiatives and economic reforms pursued by the Government of India in the last four years, the digital technology and consulting vertical in India was counting on this year’s budget to function as the compass to assess the short and intermediate-term measures being taken by the government to stimulate aggregate effective demand for digital transformation of corporate enterprises, brands and governance.

At TIS, the leading digital marketing company in India, we are cautiously optimistic about the slew of economic reforms announced by the Government of India in this year’s union budget while hoping that it points towards market development of a strong digital economy in India and consequently the growth of world-class digital consulting companies in India based on a value-based model. We share our analysis of the union budget 2018 from the stand point of the digital strategy consulting industry vertical.
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25 Social Media marketing Tools for Your Business Maximizing Profits

Posted by Himanshu Pataria

‘25 Social Media marketing Tools for Maximizing Profits

We live in a world of opportunities. With the right amount of investment, innovation and hard work, anyone can take up any business and make it a success. That is why you need to utilize even the smallest of the opportunity to make your business shine.

Speaking of opportunities, social media does not give you a small one but an amazingly large platform to let people know who you are and what you provide. Gone are the days when businesses needed little to no advertisement. A single large billboard or an expensive TV commercial is not going to cut it if you truly want to reach out to your target audience. Businesses thrive on a simple logic. If you don’t tell people what you are, they
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How to Promote a Travel Website?

Posted by Manoj Tiwari

How to Promote a Travel Website

According to an estimate made by Statista, the revenue generated by online travel booking amounted to $340 billion back in 2010. As a travel agency, you could do your bit to earn a part of such whooping amount by making those holiday-goers to choose and book their holiday through your company. Seems like the best dream you have ever had? Believe us, it is not a dream anymore! Travel SEO could help you fulfill your goals and milestones within a blink of an eye.
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Enhance Facebook Marketing with the Power Editor

Posted by Joy

Enhance Facebook Marketing with the Power Editor

Facebook marketing is one of today’s most effective online tools at any business’ disposal. No matter how big or small your company is, or what size of budget you have to work with, Facebook can offer ways to reach your target demographic and increase sales. Since 85% of all social media originating sales come from Facebook, and the average value of a Facebook generated sale is $55, directing some adspend to the platform makes a lot of sense.

Facebook Advertising

Small business owners will find Facebook a powerful tool they can leverage for increased revenues and brand visibility. The site has over a billion active users and is one of the most heavily trafficked social media sites in the world. Many plugins and applications that have been created to supplement the core functions of the site; of these, the Power Editor is the most useful.
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How Web Design Has Been Transformed By Social Media

Posted by Sandeep Sharma

Web DesignTransformation By Social Media

Social media has radically altered the way consumers are able to interact with content. Hence, after social media, consumers want a comparably similar, intuitive, and interactive experience on the websites they visit.

This has led to a transformation in how “a good web design” is defined and hence how websites are now being designed.

Here are the “top 7” transformations in web design brought about by social media.
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Social Media Marketing Mistakes: 8 Things That Lead to Failure

Posted by Himanshu Pataria

Social Media Marketing Mistakes

The numbers of businesses using social media for marketing purposes is on the rise. As a matter of fact, more than 92 percent of marketing professionals consider social media an important facet of any business’ marketing strategy. But being on social media is one thing, and using it to enhance and grow your business is another.

Unfortunately, many businesses, in a bid to use social media, use it in incorrect ways that damages their reputation instead of building it.
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