Mobile Social Campaigns- Is Your Social Media Campaign Mobile Friendly?
Last Updated On July 06, 2022

Mobile Social Campaigns- Is Your Social Media Campaign Mobile Friendly?

Mobile Social Campaigns- Is Your Social Media Campaign Mobile Friendly?
By Team TIS

First comes the text messaging, then email and now social media platforms seem to take the control of the internet world due to which the social media marketing has completely revolutionized the concept of digital marketing in the past few years. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn have become popular names in the world of social networks for driving loyal customers and leads towards your website. Simultaneously, the growing popularity of mobile phones and tablets has increased the use of mobile internet extensively among the younger generation.

Hence, the mobile digital marketing and mobile SEO concept has also grown in significance as they offer an enhanced user engagement experience to the audience from anywhere and anytime. It means you cannot afford to overlook the increasing trend of mobile social campaigns because your audience’s spectrum has expanded from the desktop and laptop world to the mobile world. You have to concentrate on driving mobile traffic as well, which has given birth to “Mobile Social Campaigns”.

Is There Any Need for Creating Mobile Social Campaigns?

While social media sites have groomed their monetization schemes, social advertisement practices are also evolving at a faster rate. Facebook records one billion active mobile phone users daily, which has forced this social media giant to use its full potential for unlocking the overall revenue by the means of enhanced visibility via mobile news feeds, since everyone loves to spend their time on reading news feeds.

With people showing more inclination towards Smartphones, tablets, iPads, and iPhones, social media platforms are also modifying the way digital marketing is carried online. In such cases, it becomes mandatory for the social media marketers to devise effective mobile social campaigns for ensuring maximum revenue through both desktop traffic and mobile traffic.

As a social media marketer, you must consider every smartphone consumer as an opportunity for you because you never know when you can reach a potential buyer through the mobile medium. While best practices for mobile social campaigning might be unclear for many of us, but checking or evaluating if these campaigning is going as per our expectations is a bit complex process.

Meeting Expectations Via Mobile Social Media Campaigns

While measuring or evaluating the social media campaign is not an easy task, but we can take the help of Google Analytics, which give us key insights of our website’s traffic via different sources, including, desktop searches, direct traffic, social media traffic, and mobile traffic as well. Being a social media marketer, you can also use the data of Google Analytics for shaping effective mobile social media campaigns to impress and drive better mobile traffic on your website.

It is not always necessary that your mobile social media campaigns will always yield results as per your expectations. However, there are some important metrics, which will help you in evaluating your mobile traffic generated through social media campaigns. The Google Analytics metrics will help in proving why your mobile social media campaigns matters.

Check Your Mobile Engagement Using Google Analytics Metrics

You must have a clear picture of how mobile your customers are and then only, you will be able to develop an effective mobile social campaign for your website. Checking the percentage of your website visitors in desktop vs. mobile will help you in understanding, whether your mobile social media marketing efforts are meeting our expectations or not?

  • For this you must specify your website data range at the top of Google Analytics dashboard.
  • Select Overview option of the Mobile section under Audience in the left bard of Analytics dashboard.

You can see the breakdown of your website traffic including mobile traffic, desktop traffic and tablet traffic, as shown in the figure:


You can compare bounce rate, session durations for examining the insights of your target audience and if you find bounce rate is higher for your mobile audience, then you can recreate your mobile social media campaigns for ensuring improved lead generation through mobile traffic.

Using Web Analytics for Understanding Key Takeaways of Social Data

You can easily parse and evaluate the mobile and desktop social data with Web Analytics. You can also understand about the latest trends followed in social media campaigning process and so that you can push your own mobile social media campaigns for branding your business.

The key takeaways of social media platforms across both desktop and mobile social data are:

  • Social media platforms help in offering enhanced customer retention rate, thus improving the chances for long term public relationship development, re-targeting and customer support.
  • Social media sites offer ‘soft value’ to the digital marketers which include better user engagement experience, loyalty of customers and awareness of their business brands across different platforms.
  • Twitter is one of the popular social channels that move the traffic on the top of the funnel, hence devising mobile social media campaigns taking care of the Twitter lead generation rate can help you significantly in maximizing the chances of revenue generation.
  • Facebook videos are also becoming popular and most of the social media marketers are leveraging Facebook insights for measuring the performance. Employing this technique helps them in revising their mobile social media campaigning efforts for better outcomes.
  • Here is an example of Adobe Creative Team, which has conducted an evaluation on one of its mobile social media campaign for driving leads for the CC product and the numbers display a major difference between the consumers rate engaged through social and non social.


Social media marketers can also use the website re-targeting technique in its mobile social media campaigning process for reaching across various social platforms. An example of this is the Facebook exchange (FBX), which can bring back the customers on your website via cookie-based re-targeting.

Best Examples of Successful Mobile Social Campaign Brands

1. Burger Chain of Milwaukee

This popular burger chain efficiently improved its weekly sales by 60% since it has successfully created 24K followers over its Twitter account where it displays channel inclined offers to its customers.

2. General Mills- Hello Cereal Lovers

Hello, Cereal Lovers is a popular social media campaign launched by General Motors in an effort to improve their lagging cereal sales this campaign covers a large social presence across different social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.


This campaign was successful in driving significant traffic through both desktop and mobile mediums to their websites, which eventually results in better leads and sales for them.

3. Breaking Bad –Name Lab


This critically acclaimed social media campaign over Facebook has not only dominated the airwaves, but it has resulted in huge success of a Facebook app, which has successfully garnered over 4.1 million impressions. The success of this campaign has proved that this type of user engagement works really well for ensuring success of your business over the internet.

Checking these experiences, you can also analyze your mobile social campaigns to see if the results are meeting your expectations or not. If your results are not up to the mark, you can rethink and recreate your social media campaigns to remain aligned with your other social media competitors. Mobile social media marketing has evolved recently and it is not going to see any type of downfall in the imminent years, hence, maximize your opportunities to gain maximum profit through effective mobile social campaigns.

By Team TIS

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