Top 4 Predictions for Social Media Success in 2022
Last Updated On July 03, 2022

Top 4 Predictions for Social Media Success in 2022

Top 4 Predictions for Social Media Success in 2022
By Team TIS

Let’s break through all the noise that fluttered around everyone about Social Media in 2021 & peep into 2022 with the newest of the newest online advertising trends set to take the ROI of your Brand to ultimate peak. Indulging in a real time relationship with your customers is all that will crop up for your rescue in the next couple of months.

So Watch out these 5 trends compiled by our Social media marketing team to ensure you make the most out of it (social media) in FY-2022!!  Join hands with us in a journey that talks about everything from Video Advertising & Promoted Tweets to Content Marketing & Sponsored Media !!

1)  An Active Twitter User is worth 100 dollars

Yes, Twitter is back to top again & we owe all Gratitude to Twitter Ads!! So if you mean money, we would strongly suggest training your social media advertising experts to point their fingers at Twitter advertisements. Just try flooding your network with Twitter Ads & see the magical spellbound on your audience. Injecting the right combination of resources into the ads platform is a prerequisite for all social media advertising experts who are looking to pile up Gold Coins for their clients in 2022. Whilst Twitter is already on a grandprix with Facebook , Linkedin & other social media platforms to evolve their advertising concept in a big way ; the heat on Conversion Rate, Click Through Rate & ROI is still steaming up top business players in the market .

So let’s take a quick look on the exquisite newly yet to come features of Twitter, a whole different ballgame that is set to turn the table altogether this fiscal year.

a) Lead Generation Card, the new ace recently added to the deck of Twitter Cards in 2013, is going to expand even more in 2022 allowing  fields additional to just the client’s username & email address. This will no doubt save whole of your social media advertising expert team from casting arrows in the dark and facilitating exponential hikes in your revenues in a jiffy !!

b) Gradual evolution of the promoted tweet ad units through “call to action” feature will come as a whipped cream on your Brand  Icecream. So those who are still apprehensive of Twitter Ads are sure to miss out on a lion’s share of Easy Revenue!! Seriously !!

c) Tracking the conversion rate will be the main focus & this will definitely map ROI Prediction in a much much better way !!

Don’t forget to keep a vulture’s eye on the IPO statistics frequently to make sure you are not sleeping under a rock while competitors are busy strategising to increase their footfall.

 2)  Video Advertising will be the next epidemic in 2022

Winds of change in the online trends has brought about a new business model & that’s Video advertising. Both the topmost Social Media Platforms Facebook & Twitter are striving hard to promise visual delight to their customers by airing content that not only leaves an everlasting impact on the targeted audience but also bounds them to share it amongst friends & colleagues present within their community. Facebook’s idea of selling Video ads already implemented in 2014 with full on desire to give bullhorn competition to You Tube Advertising concept as well. Hitting the subconscious of the targeted audience by mapping relevant video ads after rigorous demographic study is all that our Social Media Advertising Expert Team has to say!! Thus, the growth in the revenue comes naturally along with the thrilling eye feeds promised by Video Advertisements.

3)  Branded Content Marketing & Sharing  

When it comes to sharing & posting, forgetting Content Marketing for your Brand is a Blunder. Make sure you don’t indulge in that rude crime with your ROI by establishing a kinship like relationship with your content marketing team. The void between your web traffic & the conversion rate can only be filled by keeping constant focus on what content you create & share. 2021 already depicted a tremendous loss in terms of revenue to the traditional search engine optimizers & this trend of SEO is likely to see a complete downturn this year in 2022. That’s where a complete new concept of Branded content marketing comes into picture. From Keynotes, articles to guest posts & Press Releases, share everything on the Social Media Platforms that helps you build that repo with your customers which influences them to take purchasing decisions.

4)  Rise in Sponsored Advertising & Head on Collision between Paid & Organic Reach

In an endeavour to constantly maximize engagement with targeted audience, social media advertising experts are all set to shell out money for sponsored advertising. Paid Media topped all lists of surveys conducted in 2021 & will continue to set the bar in 2022 with beefy statistics compared to Organic media. Concepts like Facebook’s Promoted Posts & Twitter’s Promoted Tweets are likely to slam Organic tactics in 2022 that are being followed previously by most of the social media advertising experts there by affecting the Brand Reputation in a direct proportion.

So for those social media advertising experts  who are still planning  to advertise without keeping in mind the above mentioned  trends, are indeed putting their online business niche at stake !!  Thankfully, the whole world being on a Digital Spree, you need not burn a hole in your pocket for opting out that costliest yet cheap marketing way – Ah !! Guessed that right; that’s Print Media !!

By Team TIS

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