6 Essential WordPress Tips to Save Time and Boost Productivity
Last Updated On July 19, 2022

6 Essential WordPress Tips to Save Time and Boost Productivity

6 Essential WordPress Tips to Save Time and Boost Productivity
By Team TIS

WordPress has successfully evolved as a reputed and ideal platform among the startup business owners and developers due to bundle of infinite features associated with it. It accounts for majority of the websites present on the World Wide Web and thousands of new sites are developed on this platform and the latest statistics exhibits that the percentage of WordPress sites will continue to increase in coming days due to its highly interactive and user friendly CMS (content management system)..

Due to the consistent growth of WordPress among the website owners, it becomes necessary for them to learn effective tips for saving time and increasing their productivity on their WordPress sites. Although you will find numerous tips on the internet, I have selected 6 killer tips that are proven to be successful to save time and boost productivity of your WordPress site.

1. Eliminate “Uncategorized” Category from WordPress Blog

When we install WordPress blog, it displays an “uncategorized” category by default for all your posts except when we modify or change the category to some other appropriate category. If you will not modify the category, then the post will automatically falls under the uncategorized section and hence if you want to avert this from happening, you can either change the default category to some relevant category or you can visit the “Writing Settings”, to modify the Default category to other categories like “Articles” or “General”.

By making changes in the Writing Settings section, it will ascertain that if you forget to select the categories of your posts, they will not fall under the “Uncategorized” section.

2. Enable Distraction Free Writing Mode

For authors or writers, it becomes necessary to remain distraction free while writing a blog post because writing requires 100% concentration to avoid mistakes because there are times when writers get distracted and start omitting mistakes or checking other posts that are not relevant. These distractions directly impact their productivity.

WordPress dashboard offers a very impressive feature for preventing these types of distractions and boosting the productivity of writers, which is known as Distraction Free Writing Mode. While writing log posts in the editor section of WordPress dashboard, you will find button on the right corner of your Visual Editor located just below the “text” tab.


When you will click on this button, it will make the Visual Editor full screen with all the necessary formatting options available. After completing the writing part, you can go back to the previous screen by clicking on the button again.

3. Don’t Invest More Time in Sourcing Images

When you search for perfect picture or image, it might take more time than your expectations and hence, you can easily lessen the time required for searching high quality images by using simple and effective plugins like Flickr Pick a Picture (helps in finding impressive pictures and images from Flickr from your WordPress dashboard), or Photo Dropper (that let you search pictures from Flickr without incurring any charges).

4. Use Auto Embeds or Shortcodes for Inserting Media

Most of times we have to add audio or video clips to our blog posts to present more detailed information about something. In such cases, you can use the Shortcodes for inserting the media files into your post.

There are numerous shortcodes available that you can use for adding an image gallery, an audio clip or video clip in your post. These shortcodes are present in the post editor. The most used shortcodes for integrating audio, video or image in blog posts are listed as follows:

  • [Video] -for displaying the video gallery in your blog post
  • [Audio] -for displaying the audio gallery in your blog post
  • [Gallery]- for displaying gallery of pictures in your blog post

You can also use the shortcodes in your Visual Editor directly either in text or visual mode.

Besides, you can also use auto-embed feature for integrating video clips to your posts. This is better than shortcodes and you simply have to paste the URL of the video for embedding in your posts. WordPress supports numerous video sites like YouTube.

5. Create Analytics in the WordPress Dashboard

The major concern of bloggers is to check the statistics to know the user engagement ratio on their posts. However, checking the statistics on regular basis impacts the overall productivity of bloggers.

To save time involved in evaluating statistics, it is better to use Google Analytics Dashboard that acts as your partial rescue by loading your analytics data in your WordPress dashboard directly. It means you are saved from opening a new tab and logging to your Google Analytics account repeatedly. You can also use other plugins for keeping a check on the statistics of your blog posts like WP statistics, Jet Pack Site Stats, or Wassup Real Time Analytics.

6. Change Your Standard Post into a “Sticky” Post

Sometimes some of your resource posts that you have posted on site get immense user attention due to their content and information. You can use this opportunity to increase the readers stay time on your website by making your resource post or standard post into a sticky post. Moreover, it will also help in increasing the stay time of readers on your site, which is very useful for enhancing the revenue and conversions on your site.

For doing so, you simply have to search for the “Sticky” setting in the Publish Module where you will have to click on the Edit link that appears next to “Visibility: Public” and select “Stick to the front page”. Once you have done with the selection, you can click on the OK button followed by the Publish button to make your post sticky.

It will make your standard post appear on top of all other articles on your site’s homepage.


The tips discussed above are not the only tips available for saving time and increasing productivity on your WordPress site, but the sole intention being discussing them is just to let you know how you can save your time while writing or editing posts on your WordPress site that directly affects the productivity.

These tips may not seem like major earth shaking tips but they can surely make huge difference in how fast you beat up a blog post. And the interesting thing is that the more focused you stay, the more quality of your post increases.

If you have not implemented these tips yet on your WordPress site, you can start implementing them from now onwards to get effective results.

By Team TIS

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